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Tools related to Maintenance Automotive ,aviation, Oilfield , fabrication, construction and industrial sector
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Professional quality

  • Precision and durability far beyond DIN/ISO standards
  • Highest level of quality for demanding users
  • Ergonomically optimised case design – 2K case handle and clearly structured arrangement of tools
  • Optimized for durability and highest demands

A unique product portfolio

  • Wide range of products for various applications
  • Professional toolboxes optimised for individual requirements
  • Innovative, future-oriented tool assembly

Exclusive personality

  • High-quality, expressive, premium look
  • Durable and stable design metal locks
  • Tools perfectly embedded in foam insert with attractive metal- lic surface appearance

Powerful service

  • PROJAHN promise of quality – 25 years warranty
  • Replacement parts can be easily ordered
  • Certificate of service included
  • Qualified product advice

Socket Sets and Accessories : Industrial Sockets Sets available in Metric and imperial sizes -Dr_ 3/8" 1/2 " 3/4 " 1"

Sockets and socket accessories: Sockets short length and long reach, Universal sockets, Ratchets, socket bits, extensions, sliding handle, reversible ratchets.


GearTech ratchet wrench metric classic

GearTech double ring ratchet wrench metric

GearTech ratchet wrench metric flexible
GearTech ratchet wrench metric with reversible switch
GearTech double ring ratchet wrench 4-in-1 metric reversible
Combination wrench metric DIN 3113 Form A
Double ring wrench open version metric/inch
Adjustable wrench, DIN 3117 Form A
Double open ended wrench metric, DIN 3110
Double ring wrench metric, DIN 838
Double open ended wrench metric, DIN 3110
Double ring wrench metric, DIN 838



Allen key set


Punch and Chisels,Measuring Items:

Measuring Items:

Chalk line Reel and Powder, Sprit level, Knife and Hacksaw blade:

Tube cutter with deburrer for tubes

Universal key BASIC

Machinist hammer with shaft protection

Blind rivet pliers set

Tin snips, Grip Pliers,Bolt Cutter and mesh cutter,Lamps :

Tin snips, Grip Pliers,Bolt Cutter and mesh cutter,Lamps :

We cater to all types of sourcing enquiries domestically and internationally. We assist in building the Scope of Work (SOW) , source , procure and deliver the desired products and equipment at a competitive pricing.

Automation technologies & Jigs & Fixtures Development  :

We have partnered with one of the best engineering companies MICADO SMART ENGINEERING GmbH to work with our clients, hand in hand to develop their products, manufacturing and automation technologies.